CORDEY Bust 5014 Exquisite Girl w/Gold Crown

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  • Date Posted: Jul 29, 2010
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CORDEY PORCELAIN bust of a woman in a blue-flowered dress and gold crown, measuring just over 6" tall. She has the painted numbers 5014 and a lightly painted 33. 5014 is the model number and I believe 33 is the number of the artist who decorated her. This particular artist was very talented, conveying a great delicacy in the painting of her face. As anyone who collects Cordey knows, t is tremendous variation in expression and features among the different examples of these little figures and these differences are attributable to the individual painters who worked at the factory. Number 33 obviously had a light touch with his brush, giving this girl a very fine expression and just the softest blush to her cheek. She wears her shiny crown with the air of a gentle queen. She is one of the prettiest Cordey girls I have ever seen. She is also in lovely condition.