Details about Antique Peacock Silk Royal CHINESE ORNAMENTAL QING Ceremonial Collar

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  • Date Posted: Jul 22, 2014
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Up for consideration is our second antique item we were privileged to come across, it is also an authentic CHINESE CEREMONIAL ORNAMENTAL COLLAR from the late Qing Period. The birds with bells look like peacocks to us but we suppose somebody might have a different opinion. We have more photographs, but we cannot fit them all into eBay's picture limit. If you need more photo's and are a serious buyer, please just email us and we will be happy to upload the photographs thru the eBay mail system. This item is about 33" inches wide, by 22" inches long. A serious piece for a collector of Asian artifacts. There happens to be a similar collar in the Art Gallery of Victoria, BC. Please ask all questions before buying. Due to the delicacy of this item, and its value, there are no returns here. We will honestly answer all valid questions. We ship worldwide.