Embroidered Postcards - Spanish / Portuguese National Dress

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  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2010
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Set of 6 "embroidered" postcards depicting national dress in Spain, Madeira, Portugal & Canary Islands. #1: Shepherdess with embroidered red dress with applied "mineral" sparkles. Signed "Elsi Gurmier(sp?)" Marked "Viana do Castelo - Minhota - Portugual - 4" Reverse of card marked "Edicoes Neconsar - Impresso em Espana" #2: Flamenco dancer with embroidered green and rose dress. Signed "F. Gisbert Soler" Reverse of card marked "Comercial Prat - Ripoll Espana" #3: Woman in Segovia with embroidered dress in rose with gold apron. Signed "J Briones (sp?)" Reverse of card marked "Soberanas Barcelona" and "Made in Espain" #4: Woman with basket in embroidered turquoise dress with applied "mineral" sparkles. Signed "Elsi Gurmier" and marked "Lisboa Varina - Portugual 2" Reverse of card marked "Edicoes Neconsar" and "Impresso em Espana" #5: Man and woman with embroidered woman's silver dress. Signed "Iraola" and marked "Canarias No 79" #6: Woman in embroidered striped skirt and red hat. Signed "Elsi Gurmier" and marked "Madeira 9" Reverse of card marked "Edicoes Neconsar - Lisboa - Portugal" Cards for sale at $40 each, all 6 for $200