ferner punch bowl

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  • Date Posted: Jan 31, 2011
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FERNER SILVERPLATE PUNCH BOWL & 12 CUPS EXCELLENT CONDITION! THIS GORGEOUS ENSEMBLE INCLUDES A SILVER-PLATED PUNCH BOWL THAT MEASURES 9 1/2" HIGH BY 14 1/2" WIDE. THE EDGES ARE BEADED AND HAVE A VERY DETAILED EMBOSSED DESIGN. ON THE BOTTOM OF THE PUNCH BOWL, THE EUGEN FERNERS' TRADEMARK STAMP, IS EXHIBITED, ALONG WITH THE YEAR 1956. THIS ELABORATE PUNCH BOWL SET COMES COMPLETE WITH 12 CUPS. GREAT ITEM FOR CELEBRATING VALENTINE DAY! Eugen Ferner was a Stuttgart, Germany, area silversmith active in the mid-20th century. He was founder and owner of the Eugen Ferner factory for silverware there. Ferner had a son, Peter who was born in Schwabisch Gmund in 1928. Peter started as an apprentice at his father's factory and took his master's degree in 1952. He set up his own workshop in Gmünd in 1956. He taught at the academy at Nürnberg in 1963-4. In 1968 he opened up a shop for jewelry, cutlery etc.