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KHMER FEMALE DEITY (possibly UMA) Angkor Period, style of Bayon, 12th Century Sandstone Height 34 inches, Width 10 inches, weight about 20kg. The Uma wears the headdress (Jata) which decorates with flower motifs, and her skirt decorates with florets and wide zig-zag panels, and jeweled belt with pendants, which are characteristics of the Bayon period . There are 3 holes on her face, her body and her skirt, which are not the bullet holes, but there were from the transition period of the Bayon. In the beginning of the Bayon period, they chaged their religion from the Hinduism to the Mahayana Buddhism, so they destroyed and replaced all Hindu gods. These 3 holes on face, body and leg were the symbol of destroying the power of this goddess from the transition period.