Lenin Wall Carpet

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  • Date Posted: Jan 31, 2013
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The object is a wall carpet with the image of Lenin. It is a single item,intended for official conference room.Created probably in the late 70-thies or early 80-thies;Real manifestation of twenty century's personality cult to Lenin,widespread at all the countries among Eastern Europe,Soviet Union & Asia. A manifactured,collective work,a product of the Russian carpet industry. 90cm x180cm. It is a fleecy rug made from polystyrene fibres. On the reverse side of the carpet the markings and signatures made up with black paint or stamped are the following; 90x180 From Below: Stamped numbers 90 x 180 From Below Stamped numbers 1C2275 Underneath-Markings which was erased deleted with black paint; Stamped or written words probably in Russian of Bulgarian language; Spez.Obrabotka( meaning-Special treatment). I am also including few photographs which could show these abovewritten signatures and marks.Beside all this it is a mark of torn lable,stamp or showcard on the reverse,too; The good preservation of the object kept it in a good conservation condition; The subject has not been exhibited or appeared in any publication(even across internet there is not possible the very same object to be found); The portrait representation is based on a drawing for preparatory study by the Soviet artist Nicolai Andreev.Andreev was an excellent portraitist showing acute psychological insight in his works; The study on which this work is based on is located in the Tretyakov's picture gallery. Throughout all these years the object has been preserved ,as a souvenir and as a family relic; The carpet is preserved & it is selling in a special wooden box;