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  • Date Posted: Jan 03, 2013
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FANTASTIC MUSICAL CAROUSEL COLLECTIBLE!!!!- RON LEE SIGNED AND NUMBERED!! LIMITED EDITION CAROUSEL SUPER RARE MECHANICAL-MUSICAL CAROUSEL BY RON LEE. 1985 SIGNED AND NUMBERED!!! ORIGINAL PRICE WAS $12,000.!!! VERY FEW MADE!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! "STOP RIGHT T!!!" 's your chance to own your own VERY RARE edition of the 1985 "Ron Lee" 1ST EDITION Carousel!!!! . This is an incredible WORK OF ART!!! Originally offered only by F.A.O. Schwartz in New York for a Pricey SUM OF $12,000!! This was in 1985 dollars!!! Only available in their XMAS catalogue. It was so costly to make the edition was never completed, , very few produced over the 4 year run. ( A cheaper far less detailed carousel was offered in 1986 to replace this super expansive and complicated model!!) This is TRULY the GREATEST MUSICIAL CAROUSEL EVER MADE!! This carousel stands 24 inches high and 22 inches wide and weighs over 50 pounds!! It features 24 karat gold plating, 128 blinking lights and 16 Carousel animals, eight of which move up and down sequentially as the Carousel turns and the music plays 16 different tunes!! Brightly enamel painted HORSES, LIONS, GIRAFFES, OSTERAGES, ROOSTERS, TIGERS, MOOSE,AND CAMELS make up the collection of animals. Further featured are Cherubs and Angels on either side of upper casting mirrors! The detail is FANTASTIC!! The Oak base is still in XLNT condition and shines. This is just such a wonderful item to look at it as you constantly see something new and exciting!! From the Twisted "candy Cane posts, to the inner Carousel Band Organ facade, the interior light posts and the lower ornamental mirror plaques around the base!! It just does not get any better!! This Carousel is beautiful and really shows off the craftsmanship of our american artist Ron Lee. This piece is over 22 years old and looks like new!!!! This Carousel will be the center piece of your Ron Lee collection. T is so much detail in this Carousel and when it is rotating and is playing it's sweet music and the Lights are on you will simply marvel at this mechanical wonder created by Ron Lee. Good Luck and Happy Bidding. Comes HAND SIGNED AND NUMBERED by RON LEE himself!! This delightful piece is mechanical marvel and hand painted with wonderful color and richness in detail.