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  • Date Posted: Jan 03, 2011
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NEON SALESMAN'S SAMPLE SUITCASE ****available for purchase at*** *** This is a VERY RARE hard to come by vintage Neon Salesman's Sample Suitcase believed to be from the 1940's. If you don't believe me on how rare these are, do an internet search. You'll be hardpressed to find another one out there for sale. There is nothing to indicate who might have made it, but I do know there was a company called Dorwart Electric out of Pennsylvania that made a similar (but not exactly the same) type of case. That case sold last year for $2,800 last year! I am not certain that they made this one. Neon signs only began to become popular in the US in the mid 1930's and 40's. Since most people had no idea what NEON was, salesmen carried these suitecases to show there prospective clients what their signs would be made out of. These cases have also been acquired by museums!!! (And if I don't sell it here on eBay, that is probably where it will eventually go) It is in electrical working order and ALL the bulbs are present and functional!!!! There are buttons on the left of each neon bulb that turn them on and off individually. Most, but not all of the buttons work to turn them OFF. However, ALL of the bulbs do turn ON.The hinge on the right side of the case is broken, probably because the cord exits this side of the case with no allowance for it to clear the case edges. The exterior has alot of wear as it was at one time in use by a salesman. Please see the exterior photo posted. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY TO OWN A VERY RARE PIECE OF NEON HISTORY!