Photo book Revenue cutters Miami & Seneca hunting icebergs post Titanic 1913

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  • Date Posted: Oct 14, 2013
This is an annotated photo book of the maiden voyage of the US revenue cutters Miami and Seneca acting in tandem to mark and or clear the North Atlantic of icebergs for passenger travel in the year following the Titanic disaster. Essentially, following the disaster, the US and Europe decided to form the International Ice Patrol and the revenue cutters from the US were assigned to this task. Given the World community does not move quickly, this did not happen until 1914, the year after the titanic. There are 68 photos that generally measure 5.5"x 3.25" and they are on black construction paper in a book with loose pages. The pages are annotated in white with some of the writing worn off with age. I have photoed and merged the images onto slides of 9 photos to fit them into the eBay parameters of 12 images, but rest assured these are flat images in good condition and of much higher quality and resolution than my images. This book belonged to the explorer and evolutionist William Bradley Patten of Dartmouth College. His name is in the front of the book.The pages are brittle as you would expect them to be for the age. The notes to the book are in the National Oceanic Museum. Somehow the photos escaped that fate and the images of the icebergs are truly stunning. The photo of the ship's captain and the professor are the last 2 images. This is a very very rare one of a kind item. Truetiques, Inc. is a dealer on the GoAntiques network, as well as a contributor of articles on the Worthpoint newsletter