Portrait 1920's young Bride

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  • Date Posted: Feb 11, 2014
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This is a lovely portrait of a young bride in the 20's and I am basing that more on her hair style and short dress style. The dainty hand with the ring on her finger, the wedding boots and flowers, sheerness of her dress and beautiful, dreamy face looking into her future is mesmerizing. The frame is 22 x 16 and is wood. It appears to be metal because the bluefish green patina look of the frame but someone had painted over the frame at one time and it is coming off but to me it adds to the appeal of the overall look. The glass is convex with no chips or cracks. Out of the frame the portrait has a couple of scratches but you can't see them in the frame. The frame needs professional work and I didn't want to alter any part of it since I am not an expert at this but at the very least I would have new backing and hardware to hang it. I have held off on this one a long time because I am quite attached to it. I have been the mother of the bride and can feel her proudness as her daughter poses for this picture starting the next adventure in her life. I have not been able to find anything close to this in the past and maybe it is because of the young girls face is so innocent and sweet. It needs someone who also can provide TLC, get her back on a wall for all to see. I wish I had this type of photo of a family member but the photographer did a great job. There are no markings or signature on the portrait or frame.