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LES AMOUREUX This powerful triptych of profoundly beautiful lithographs is a celebration of Love and Lovers. "Les Amoureux", The Lover's suite, is dedicated to Gala, Dali's wife-The Earth Mother. Through Gala's love, which encompasses over forty years of perfect, harmonious union with Dali, he has been able to achieve the ultimate fulfillment of his every earthly desire. Through Gala's infinite wisdom Dali has been able to gain the insight to fully comprehend his rightful place in the Universe and the very reason for his being. Dali, the artist-philosopher, has chosen "Les Amoureux" to symbolically communicate to us his most profound feelings in the realm of Love, the ultimate human experience. Dali drew inspiration for this suite from his own great fund of Love and that of the greatest Lovers of history and legend. Using all the mastery of his craft he beckons forth a response from the very depths of our being with this poignant message: that without Love man withers and dies, and only through Love may man know the peace and beauty which is his ultimate destiny. This magnificent suite of lithographs is Dali's ultimate Love tribute. Brilliant in both conception and execution, history will undoubtedly place this lyric song of Love and its hero and heroine Dali and Gala in their proper places in the fabled procession of the greatest Loves and Love stories of all time. THE GARDEN OF EDEN ANTHONY AND CLEOPATRA LANCELOT AND GUINEVERE Salvador Dali 3x Unique Lithograph "Les Amoreux" (The lovers) - full album: (A + B +C ) Lithographs Hand Signed, 100 % ORIGINAL on Japon nacré ALL 3 lithographs with the same edition number: A.P. 1/ 75 ! on Japon nacré estimated retail price -$22.000 Rare Salvador Dali Suite, "Les Amoureux." Consists of 3 limited edition lithographs (Anthony & Cleopatra, Lancelot & Quinevere, The Garden of Eden). Includes certificate of Authenticity. Year of Publication: 1978-1979; publisher: Levine & Levine, NY; Atelier: DuallGraphics, NY. Description of Artwork: portfolio of 3 color etchings with a separate engraved certificate of authenticity; hand-signed by Dali; included in "A Retrospective of Master Prints" by Albert Fields, renowned Dali historian.; each subject is accompanied by a detailed explanation of Dali's intentions when creating this artwork. This artwork is being sold from the portfolio of a private collector. First 3 photos are stock photos of the subjects. The 4th photo is of the actual piece in our collection. More photos available via email upon request. We have photos of all of the pieces, the frames, the portfolio, the description of the pieces, the famed certificate of authenticity, signatures and edition numbers. All serious inquiries welcomed. And don't be afraid to ask why we have chosen to sell these precious pieces from our collection at this time...there is a very exciting answer. Final shipping fee is negotiable based on the best rate and safest passage from Hawaii. O.B.O. We welcome your best offer! Aloha and Mahalo for looking at this celebration of Love from a Modern Master! A Hui Hou