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The flag of the Soviet Union consisted of a plain red flag with a hammer crossed with a sickle (the hammer and sickle) and a red star in the upper canton. The hammer and sickle symbolyzed the nation's workers and peasants while the red star represented the rule of the Communist Party. The pattern was adopted on 12 November 1923. In 1955, a statute on the flag was adopted which resulted in a change of the hammer's handle length and the shape of the sickle. A final modification to the flag was adopted in 1980 in which the color was brightened to light red. Thje flag continued to be a national flag until the collapse of the Soviet Union. This flag measures 42" x 92". It has a few pin holes in it and as depicted in the last picture on this add, a small tear at the bottom. In picture three, I tried to show the writting on the edge of the flag. O(with a vertical line through it) nar CCCP. On the other side there is a double m and a two toned life preservior. Also, roct 8488-81. Then 1985. If this is the year, the color should have been the light red and the sickle and hammer different, unless this is supposed to be a reproduction of the pre 1955 flag. The flag is double sided and the and the star and hammer and sickle printed on both sides. The flag is re-enforced at the top on both sides. This price of $399.00 includes shipping and insurance.