The Spirit Of The Thunderbird by Robert F. Murphy

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  • Date Posted: Aug 21, 2010
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Franklin Mint SPIRIT THUNDERBIRD Bronze INDIAN STATUE "Crafted in solid hot-cast bronze. Painted selectively by hand in the authentic ceremonial colors of the Sioux Nation. In a ritual old as time, the warrior moves with the power and grace of a bird of prey. The drums pound in driving rhythm, the tribe chants invoking the strength and guidance of the Thunderbird, proud symbol of the mighty Sioux. This is the moment captured in breathtaking detail by world renowned artist, ROBERT F. MURPHY as THE SPIRIT OF THE THUNDERBIRD. It is a bold, powerful work of art. It is vintage Murphy. The accomplishment of a lifetime devoted to the history and heritage of the American Indian. Crafted in hot-cast bronze - the medium most closely associated with the great sculptures of the American West. Every dramatic detail is re-created in complete authenticity down to the bells the dancer wore to create noise and demonstrate to his enemies his lack of fear. Representing the legendary Thunderbird, the dancer's bustle is formed by the body and head of the Golden Eagle, symbolizing the birds presence on the field of battle when the Sioux defeated his enemy. The intricacies of the warrior's highly stylized shield are painted entirely by hand with the Thunderbird flanked by 4 stars - black for night, yellow for dawn, white for evening and red for day. T are blue colored stones and eagle talons on his necklace - The AMERICAN FLAG worn as a bandana symbolizing power. Each feather in the headdress is textured and every breathtaking detail is captured in the permanence of bronze. To highlight and refine these details, the sculpture is hand -chased then hand-finished in a deep rich patina. This is a showpiece that will command the attention and admiration of all who see it. It is a work of rare beauty, intense power and deep cultural significance and is certain to be a most treasured possession". This limited edition piece from the Franklin Mint is now retired. The artist, Robert F. Murphy is the recipient of several gold and silver awards. He has traveled to Native American lands all over the country, studying the life and customs of many tribes. He has exhibited at the White House Gallery, the Plains Indian Gallery, the Chandler Institute and the Society of American Historical Artists. It measures 11" high with a solid wood and marble base measuring 5 1/2" in diameter. The measurement from front to back is approximately 9" from tip to tip. It has been safely on display and is in like new condition. A wonderful item, that would make a fine addition to your decor and collection. Also, a great gift idea! Buyer pays shipping & handling (USPS Insured, USA). Please email any questions. Thank you!