Vintage Kurt S. Adler Tin Toy Collection ETRENNE Set

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  • Date Posted: Mar 17, 2011
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Very Rare Kurt S. Adler Tin Toy Etrenne Collection (Presentation Box) Description: During the turn of the nineteenth century ( 1875 through the 1920's ) the elegant department stores of Paris, like Bon Marche, Samaritaine, Printemps, and Garande Magasins du Louvre offered gift boxes of toys and dolls for sale called "Etrennes" ( Presentation Boxes ) to be given to children during the holiday season. The boxes were made to enhance the toy as a very desirable gift. This gift box was made in the spirit of the Etrenne of that time. The toys are from the collection of Lewis Mahlmann, a well known puppeteer of California who was director of the Storybook Puppet Theater in Children's Fairyland, Oakland, California. He has been collecting all his life and now wishes to share his valuable collection with others. He has assembles this gift box for your pleasure. Puppet Theater - Who's Who, 11 Aug 2010 Lewis Mahlmann has been a guiding light of Fairyland's puppet theater since its early years. Already a prominent Bay Area puppeteer when the Storybook Puppet Theater opened in 1956, he served as puppetry consultant, a builder of puppet shows, and a designer of many Fairyland features, including the Japanese Tea Garden (a popular area for catered birthday parties) and the Emerald City Stage. In 1967 he left a successful real-estate career to become the puppet theater's fourth director. His puppet-show creations-"Alice in Wonderland," "Aladdin," "Cinderella," "Thumbelina," "Beauty and the Beast," and many others-are among Fairyland's most beloved puppet productions. Lewis grew up in Chicago and began collecting puppets as a child; he says he loves all types of puppets, but has a special fondness for hand puppets. Although he retired from his director's post in 1990, Lewis still stages puppet-theater productions at Fairyland, usually working with a young apprentice. Box is Roughly 13" x 13" x 3" Contains Seven Tin Toys of various small size. Locomotive, Bi-plane, Old bus, Old fashioned street car, Motorcycle with sidecar, Ferris wheel & Airplane carousel that really work