WorthPoint Facebook Promotion

Do you want to know what your antique or collectible is worth? Maybe you have an old chair or coin collection in the attic, and you always wondered about its value.

Now WorthPoint is giving you a chance to find out with our Facebook contest!

Playing is simple. Take picture of your antique or collectible and post it to WorthPoint’s Facebook wall with a short description. Each day we’ll randomly choose a submitted item for a free Ask-A-Worthologist evaluation. Daily winners will be contacted on Facebook to obtain more information about the item and an email address for evaluation submission.

At the end of the contest one winner will be chosen for the Grand Prize – see below for details.

Contest Dates:
June 21st to July 1st

How to Play:

1. You must be friends with WorthPoint on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worthpoint
2. Take an original photograph of your item and post it on the WorthPoint Facebook Page Wall.
3. Provide a short description of your item – Please keep to 200 characters or less. Any descriptions over 200 characters will not be considered.
4. Encourage your friends to “like” the post/picture. One factor in the Grand Prize item selection will be “likes” at the end of the promotion.


Winners will be chosen each day, and the Grand Prize winner will be announced on July 6th. As noted above, one of the key factors in determining the winner of the Grand Prize will be the overall popularity of the item. This would be indicated by the amount of “likes” a post/item receives.


  • One Ask-A-Worthologist awarded daily.

  • One Grand Prize for the most interesting submission. This will be 2 Civil War items from WorthPoint Founder Will Seippel’s personal collection – described below. Estimated collective value is $100 to $200.

  • Civil War Grand Army of the Republic Veterans Star:

  • This was worn by veterans of the Union Army. The service number is engraved on one side of the star which corresponds to the individual soldier. If you had access to the data, you would be able to look up his name; identify his unit; and determine his service record.

  • Civil War Grand Army of the Republic Veterans Star
  • Civil War Ribbon Bar:

  • The Civil War Ribbon Bar held a looped American flag ribbon. Hanging from this ribbon would likely have been the “Grand Army of the Republic” members combined service medal.

  • Additional information: http://www.millercountymuseum.org/organizations/gar.html

  • Civil War Ribbon Bar

* WorthPoint reserves the right to post images and descriptions of winning items – including full attribution to the owner – on its web site and other marketing communications.

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