WorthPoint Data Partners

WorthPoint partners with more than 350 brick-and-mortar and online auction houses—including such venerable houses as Cowan’s Auctions, Heritage Auctions, Rago Arts and, of course, eBay—to provide the sales data for art, antiques and collectibles houses in our Worthopedia™, which is divided into 23 different categories and features more than 390 million items and a billion photographs from sales going back to 2006.

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1 For the Money Auctions
A   W Surplus and Auctions
A Z Estate Realty
Abal Auction Real Estate
Acker Auctions
Advantage Auction   Realty, Inc.
Affiliated Auctioneers, LLC
Affiliated Auctions   Realty
Alexander Auctions   Real Estate
All In All Done Estate Auctions, Inc.
All Ways Auction Service
Allen Shaeer Wholesale Auction
Anderson Auctions
Antique Helper Auctions
Antique Warehouse Auctions
Antiques and Estate Auctioneers and Appraisers
Antiques and Uncle Junks
Aristocrat Auction Services LTD
Arneson Auction Service
Arrow Auction Services, Inc
Atterberry Auction   Realty Co. LLC
Auction America Inc.
Auction Block, Inc
Auction Connection Inc.
Auction It Now, LLC
Auction Marketplace   Ken   Bonnie Jackson, Inc.
Auction Orange
Auction Solutions, inc
Auction Specialists, LLC
Auctions and Services Unlimited
Auctions by Mary
Auctions By Mesiano LLC
Auctions Imperial
Auctions Neapolitan
Auctions Pluss
Aumann Auctions, Inc. / A Marknet Alliance Member
Austin Auction Gallery
Austin Auctions, LLC
Bailey Auction Company
Baker Auction
Bar None Auction
Barnes Auction Sales
Batterman s Auction LLC
Baxter Auction Co.
Beatrice Auction House
Belcher McPherson Auction Company
Belhorn Auction Services, LLC
Belle City Auctions   Linda Payne
Ben Higgins Auctioneers
Bertoia Auctions
BidItBob Auctions
Big Bear Auction Company
Big Sports 590
Bill Downs Auction Service
Bina Auction Service
Blomquist Auction   Appraisal Service LLC
Bo Carpenter Auction Inc
Bob Duncan and Associates
Bowers and Merena Auctions
Brooks Auction and Appraisal
Broyles Real Estate   Auction Co.
Bunach Auctioneering Company
Burow s Auction Service Inc
Butterfields Auctions
C. B. Kaye   Associates
Cadle Auctions
Canadian Coinoisseur
Cannon Auction Service
Cape Fear Chapter of the American Red Cross
Central Mass Auctions Inc.
Chatterbox Auctions
Chip Carpenter Real Estate   Auction Co.
Christy s of Indiana
Chuck Yarbro Auctioneers   Real Estate Services, LLC
Clars Auction Gallery
Coach's Corner Sports Auctions LLC
Colbert Auctions
ComTex Auctions
Cory Craig Auctioneer
Cowan's Auctions
Cowan's Auctions Inc.
Crocker Farm
Culpeper Auction Assoc., Inc.
D   E Hill Auctions
D   J Auction Services
Dallas Auction Gallery
Darrell Anstine Auction LLC
Davies Auctions
Dawson Ford Garbee Auction Company
Dimmerling Realty   Auctioneers
Diverse Equities
Dubeau Auctions
Dudley s Auction
Dyer s Auction Service
Eagle Auction Service
East Australian Trading
eBay UK
eBay UK
Edens Auctions, Inc.
EF Brands Auction   Sales
Eldred's Auction Gallery
Fantasticantiques Inc
Farmer s Auction Services
Farnsworth Auctions and Estate Sales
Finney's Auction
Finneys Auction
Fisher s Auction   Appraisal
Fontaine Antique Auction Gallery
Fontaine's Auction Gallery
Foster Auction   Appraisal Service
Fox Auction Company L.L.C.
Fox Valley Coin Auctions
Frank Beliveau Auctioneers
Freije   Freije Auctioneers
Gallery at Knotty Pine Auction Service
Gallery at Knotty Pine Auction Service
Garner Auctions
Garth's Auctions, Inc.
Gary Ryther Auctioneers, Inc.
Gavin Pope Auction   Appraisal Co.
Gene Patrick Auction   Realty, Co
Gerber Auction   Real Estate
Glassman   Smittendorf Auctions
Goad Auction Service
Grafe Auction Co.
Great Expectations Auction Company, LLC
Greg Martin Auctions
Grubaugh Auction Services
Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry Brokers, Inc.
Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry Brokers, Inc.
Gunslinger Auctions
H. Barry Smith, Realtors and Auctioneers, LLC
Hall s Auction Company
Hammer Down Auction Services
Hands Auction Service Ltd
Hanson Realty   Auction Company
Harlowe Powell Auction
Harris Auctioneers, Inc.
Hash Auctions
Helberg and Nuss Auctions   Realty
Heritage Auction Galleries
Hi   Auction
Hills Auctioneering Inc.
Hines Auction Service, Inc
Hodgins Art Auction
Holt   Associates LLC
Holtmeyer Auctions
I 45 Sales
iGavel Auctions Inc.
Innovative Auctions, Inc.
Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, Inc.
Iron Horse Auction Company, Inc.
Ivey-Selkirk Auctioneers
J Sugarman Auction Corp
Jack Nitz   Associates
Jacobs and Kemper Auction and Realty
Jeff Dobson   Associates, Inc.
Jim Wroda Auction Services
John T. Henry Auction
Johnny s Estate Auction Service
Judd s Auction Gallery, Inc
Kamelot Auctions
Kaminski Auctions
Kaufman Realty   Auctions A Marknet Alliance Member
Keith Sharer Auction Services
Kelley Auctions, LLC
Ken Frecker Auctioneers, Inc
Ken s Auction Service
Kiko Auctioneers
Kramer   Kramer, Inc.
Kuhlman Auction Service
Kull Auction   Real Estate Co., Inc.
Lampi Auctioneers
Leland Little Auction & Estates Sale Ltd.
Lenhart Auction   Realty
Leonard Auction, Inc.
Leslie Hindman
Lilly Auction   Gallery
Littlejohn Auctions,Inc.
Luper Auction Galleries, Inc.
Lynch Auction Co./Super Auctions
Macon Brothers
Mangold Auction Service
Manion s International Auction House, Inc.
Maring Auction Co. Inc
Marsa Auctioneering
Matthew S. Hurley Auction Company
Matthews Auctions LLC
Mayo Auction   Realty
McLemore Auction Company, LLC
Neal Auction Company
Phillips de Pury
Pook & Pook, Inc.
Proxibid, Inc.
Rago Arts & Auction Center
Rago Arts and Auction Center
Shannon's Fine Art Auctioneers
Sloans & Kenyon, LLC
Susanin's Auctions
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries
Whipple Auction   Realty
Wigton Real Estate   Auction
William Bunch Auctions   Appraisals
William Wilson Auction   Realty, Inc
Wm. F. Comly   Son, Inc.
Woody Auction
YAP Auction
Yellowstone Art Museum
Younger Auction Company
Zettlemoyer Auction Co., LLC.