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WorthPoint is the largest resource for identifying, researching, and valuing antiques, art, and vintage collectibles. Our suite of online and mobile offerings consists of an extensive database, a detailed catalog of Maker's Marks and other identifying indicators, as well as access to a library of reference books and price guides from leading publishers in a wide range of antiques and collecting categories.

Our Mission

To empower the antique and collectible industry by providing a steady stream of new data and quality information — helping improve the pricing transparency that exists between sellers and buyers.



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Monthly pageviews*


Monthly paid subscriptions*

*Data based on reports for May 15 - June 15, 2016



Estimated images on items sold


In MAPS (Marks, Autographs, Patterns, & Symbols) database


Historical prices and web pages

WorthPoint is using disruptive technology to modernize the process of valuing antiques and collectibles -- a traditionally paper publishing market -- by providing a revolutionary digital experience and is quickly becoming the Bloomberg reporting system for the projected 500 billion dollar antiques and collectibles market. As a first mover, WorthPoint has built an irreplaceably large database and a proven, scalable business model.

Worthpoint currently maintains

12,000 monthly paying customers

and generates revenue through its online Worthopedia Price Guide and Marks & Library subscriptions.

  • eBay
  • Cowan's
  • Hindman

  • Pook & Pook
  • Heritage
  • Rago

WorthPoint maintains a strong pipeline of potential users through its partnership with eBay, Heritage Auctions, and other well-known resale platforms, and projects a large increase in users during the next several years. WorthPoint believes it is well positioned to acquire more customers through its reseller program and marketing efforts.

Primary Revenue Streams

WorthPoint's Worthopedia Price Guide offers users access to the most pricing data on antiques & collectibles available anywhere. By integrating its platform with dozens of auction houses, including eBay and Heritage, WorthPoint is able to provide instant pricing data on any item. Available on desktop or mobile, WorthPoint offers historical data on 300 million items with 500 million images and growing.

Updated weekly, WorthPoint's Marks & Library offers users access to its robust antiques & collectibles digital library. The WorthPoint Marks & Library consists of over 100,000 marks, autographs, patterns, and symbols (M.A.P.S.), which include identification information and origin history of each item. It also includes access to nearly 1,000 books online for reading and research, and covers glass, china, coins, currency, tools, and more.

A combination of the Worthopedia Price Guide and Marks & Library, this option offers users access to all of the resources available on!

Market Summary

Both the US and Worldwide markets, to which WorthPoint sells identification and valuation tools, are highly fragmented. In aggregate, these include homeowners and collectors who are either disposing of or buying items for collecting, as treasure assets, as gifts, or for general use in a home. In addition to collectors and homeowners, potential customers also include:

Potential Customers

Taxing Authorities


Estate Liquidators, Attorneys, and Mediators

Insurance Companies

Reselling Shops & Collectible Stores

Asset Based Lenders, Pawn Shops, and Casinos

Independent Sellers


WorthPoint services tailor to a fluid market and often transient groups of persons, which may include the multiple transactions of an item several times within the same year with an item being sold from an estate, to an antique dealer, and then to a homeowner. Additionally, multiple people may use WorthPoint's data in one transaction. For example, when an item is sold by an estate, users of the data may include an heir, estate liquidator, appraiser, taxing authority, and the actual buyer. While it is impossible to come up with a precise number of potential users or applicable annual worldwide market commerce size for WorthPoint's database, the following are several statistics of sub-markets relevant to WorthPoint within the United States:

Market Key Points

  • The US in-store resale industry has an estimated annual revenue of $17 billion. This industry includes resale shops, consignment shops, thrift shops, and antique stores, and excludes stores that sell cars, boats, trailers, and mobile homes.
  • The US has over 1100 established flea markets with 2.25 million vendors conducting over $30 billion in sales annually. Flea markets are visited by over 150 million customers each year.
  • The total annual revenue of the US garage sales market is estimated at over $219 million, or $4.2 million per week with an average of just under 5 million items sold to an estimated 690,000 buyers each week.
  • The US estate sales market accounts for over $100 million in revenue each month with the average amount of goods sold per sale $8,300. The market includes over 5 million houses resold in the US per year employing an estimated 14,000 estate sale companies in the US.
  • The US art market is estimated at $27.3 billion, with the global market at $63.8 billion and a 38 million estimated volume of sales.
  • The US collectible stamp industry has been estimated at $1.18 billion, with the high end collector market making up about $300-400 million.
  • The US rare coin market is estimated at $3 billion.
  • The licensed market size for sports memorabilia (primarily US) is $12 billion with a $2 billion autograph market.
  • In 2011, the US toy industry sold over $21 billion.

This list is quite endless and the venues are ever expanding. For example, the Brimfield Show, in Brimfield, MA, started in 1959 with one dealer and now has 20+ submarkets with some of these submarkets having dealer booths that could include more than one dealer in the booth. This show runs 3 times a year and the dealers often vary between events. It is reasonable to assume by the math that 10,000 sellers are at each Brimfield event. Another show, the 127 yard sale, started in the 1980s and spans 690 miles for a weekend each August. Other markets include countless auction houses in the US that fall under the level of fine art. An extreme example is Dixon's Furniture Auction in Crumpton, MD. They sell 3,000-6,000 lots a week and opened in 1961. Craigslist is another growing marketplace that is impossible to track.

In 2015, according to Wikipedia, the World Bank estimated the World's GWP, (Gross World Product) at $77.9 trillion dollars in 2014. Of this, $17.9 trillion was in the United States, or 23%. Based on the above, the annual turnover of goods in the US is well above $100 billion. Given collecting and reselling transcend the US, based on the US share of the GWP, the company extrapolates the market sales applicable to WorthPoint is quite large and approaching $500 billion annually.

Why Invest?

WorthPoint is a profitable company aiming to expand its digital knowledge-base, subscription services, and platform to a mainstream audience while providing a chance to invest in the company's entrance into what it believes is the 500 billion dollar collectibles market.

As a perk, those who invest in the company will gain special access to annual and lifetime savings on Worthpoint services.

100 Shares Gets You WorthPoint For Life

All investments of 100 shares or more ($1100) will receive WorthPoint for Life. This includes full access to our Price Guide, M.A.P.S, and Library products for life. This is limited to 700 investors for a Limited Time Only. Please be sure to read all related material for the offering prior to investing. We will also apply this retroactively to all persons who have already invested over $1,000. It is limited to one account per investor.

This is an opportunity for anyone to get in on a unique young company that believes that everyone should have the power to make educated, informed decisions about buying and selling antiques, art, and collectibles.

Over the past two years, Worthpoint has been transitioning towards a new billing system called Zuora, as the original billing system, Avangate, was not effective and negatively affected the company's net billings. Around the same time, WorthPoint introduced new services to users, offering a wider range of resources and tools, which subsequently increased the average billing rate for users on Zuora compared to Avangate. What you will see below is how as net billings under Zuora continue to rise as a percentage of total billings, WorthPoint's year over year growth is also set to accelerate.


"As individuals interested in antiques and collectibles become more and more reliant on digital information, they need a trustworthy website that keeps them informed of developments in the field, provides reliable research information, education, and reliable pricing data. WorthPoint more than meets this need. WorthPoint's commitment as a full-service website is a credit to its founder Will Seippel. WorthPoint is now my first stop when I want information about the world of antiques and collectibles."
Harry L. Rinker, National Antiques and Collectibles Expert

"As a professional auctioneer and certified appraiser, I would be leaving quite a bit of money on the table without my Worthpoint subscription. Often when working with potential clients, I'll point to Worthpoint references to establish fair market value prices. In the field, I use my WorthPoint app on the iPhone all the time to see if what I'm considering is a good buy, whether or not it's currently selling, and if the one I'm looking at is legitimate. Simply put, WorthPoint has saved and/or made me thousands of dollars during the past 8 years of using it."
Walt Kolenda, Auctioneer, Gloucester, MA

"Will Seippel, founder of WorthPoint is at the top of the list in the antique business worldwide. Not only is he a fantastic person, he's also ethical, knowledgeable, and honest. His company WorthPoint has made a difference in so many lives, whether you are a dealer or a collector."
Helen Deasy, Estate Sale Dealer, Atlanta (Turnage Estates)


Will Seippel

Will Seippel, CEO

A seasoned entrepreneur, Seippel has over 25 years of operational and financial experience. He has been involved in successfully negotiating over 20 acquisitions in his career and played a leading role in structuring complex transactions that have raised $5 billion in capital, including two that received the prestigious Institutional Investor Deal of the Year Award.

Meet The Team

Antoine Lyseight

Antoine Lyseight, CTO

Lyseight is a veteran information technology leader in software development and product delivery, systems integration, point-of-sale, and e-Commerce as a result of deep experience with multiple Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot, IHG, Turner Broadcasting, and, as well as many other growth-phase companies and technology startups. He studied Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech and received his BBA from Georgia State University College of Business.

John Hale

John Hale, VP Finance

Hale is a licensed CPA for over 20 years, with experience in managing the finance and accounting infrastructure of companies in various start-up and growth modes, raising more than $100 million in equity financing. He has a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Alabama.

Neal McAtee

Neal McAtee, Financial Advisor and Board Member

McAtee is a five-time Wall Street Journal All-Star chartered financial analyst professional with 25 years of experience working as a Portfolio Manager at Reliant Investment Management, LLC; founder and managing member of Red Rock Partners, LLC; GP and Investment Manager for Red Rock Fund, LP, Managing Director and Equity Analyst at Morgan Keegan. He has a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Rhodes College and an M.B.A. in Finance and Accounting from Vanderbilt University.

Alex Rascanu

Alex Rascanu, M.A.P.S. Content

Rascanu has extensive experiences with international relationships while working intently with WorthPoint for six years. He is a graduate of the Romanian-American University.

Robbin Levin

Robbin Levin, Reseller Sales

Levin has been a nationwide eBay & eCommerce Sellers Meetup Community Leader and guest speaker for over five years with a total of 13 years of seller experience and social media consulting, partnering with eBay to strengthen community relations.


What is the JOBS Act?

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama on April 5, 2012, to encourage funding of small businesses by easing various securities regulations. The JOBS Act required the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to adopt rules to implement a new exemption that would allow businesses to accept contributions from private individuals without making an initial public offering.

What is Reg A+ Equity Crowdfunding?

In June 2015, the final "Regulation A+" rules under Title IV of the JOBS Act became effective, after approval by the SEC, paving the way for companies like WorthPoint to raise up to $50 million from both accredited and non-accredited investors.

What does it mean that the SEC has qualified this offering?

"The SEC has qualified this offering" means the SEC has permitted WorthPoint to offer for sale the securities described in the Offering Circular to investors such as you. The SEC is not judging the merits, accuracy, or completeness of the offering and information in the Offering Circular. Rather, the SEC is merely ensuring WorthPoint has met federal legal disclosure and regulatory requirements necessary to make these shares available to you.

Who can invest in a Regulation A+ offering?

Anyone, accredited and non-accredited investors alike, are eligible to purchase securities in a Regulation A+ offering.

What is the difference between an accredited and a non-accredited investor?

An accredited investor is an individual who makes over $200,000 per year ($300,000 if combined with a spouse) or who has a net worth of $1 million or more, excluding their primary residence. A non-accredited investor is anyone who does not meet the net worth requirements for an accredited investor.

How much money can I invest in a Regulation A+ offering?

Non-accredited investors can invest up to 10% of the greater of their annual income or net worth. There are no restrictions for accredited investors.

What is the minimum and maximum $ amount I can invest in WorthPoint?

The price per share is $11 and the minimum number of shares to invest is 19. Therefore the minimum amount to invest is $209. There is no maximum amount. More information can be found in WorthPoint’s Offering Circular.

How does the investment process work?

To invest you need to click on the button that says “invest” and follow instructions on how to setup and verify your account. You will then be asked to sign and complete a series of forms. Upon completion and transfer of the appropriate funds, your investment will be processed.
When you complete your investment, your money will be transferred to an escrow account where an independent escrow agent will watch over your investment until it is accepted by WorthPoint. Once WorthPoint accepts your investment, and certain regulatory procedures are completed, your money will be transferred from the escrow account to WorthPoint in exchange for your shares. At that point, you will be a proud owner in WorthPoint.

What will I need to complete my investment?

To make an investment, you will need the following information readily available:
1. Personal information such as your current address and phone number
2. Employment and employer information including your employer’s address
3. Net worth and income information
4. Social Security Number or government-issued identification
5. ABA bank routing number and checking account number (typically found on a personal check or bank statement)

Can I cancel my investment?

Unless WorthPoint’s offering does not meet its minimum funding goal of $750,000, no refunds will be given.

How do I keep track of this investment?

Shortly after the closing of the offering, you will receive a Welcome Letter from our Stock Transfer Agent that will give you all the specifics on how to use the services of the Stock Transfer Agent including opening up an online account so you can keep track of your account holdings. Investors will also receive annual and semi annual reports in addition to having access to the current event reports that can be found on SEC’s Edgar.

What happens if WorthPoint does not reach its goal?

If WorthPoint does not reach its minimum funding goal, all funds will be returned to the investors promptly.

What are the risks of this investment?

This investment is speculative and should not be made by anyone who cannot afford to risk the entire investment amount. In addition to these risks, you should carefully consider the specific information and risks disclosed in WorthPoint’s Offering Circular.

All securities-related activity is conducted by North Capital Private Securities Corporation (NCPS), a registered broker-dealer, and member FINRA/SIPC, located at 623 E Fort Union, Suite 101, Salt Lake City, UT 84047. NCPS does not make investment recommendations and no communication, through this website or in any other medium should be construed as a recommendation for any security offered on or off this investment platform. This website is intended solely for accredited investors. Investments in private placements and start-up investments in particular are speculative and involve a high degree of risk and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest in start-ups. Companies seeking startup investments tend to be in earlier stages of development and their business model, products and services may not yet be fully developed, operational or tested in the public marketplace. There is no guarantee that the stated valuation and other terms are accurate or in agreement with the market or industry valuations. Additionally, investors may receive restricted stock that may be subject to holding period requirements. In the most sensible investment strategy for start-up investing, start-ups should only be part of your overall investment portfolio. Further, the start-up portion of your portfolio may include a balanced portfolio of different start-ups. Investments in startups are highly illiquid and those investors who cannot hold an investment for the long term (at least 5-7 years) should not invest. This site is operated by North Capital Investment Technology, Inc. ("NCIT"), which is not a registered broker-dealer. NCIT does not give investment advice, endorsement, analysis or recommendations with respect to any securities. All securities listed here are being offered by, and all information included on this site is the responsibility of, the applicable issuer of such securities. NCIT has not taken any steps to verify the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of any information. Neither NCIT nor any of its officers, directors, agents and employees makes any warranty, express or implied, of any kind whatsoever related to the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or the use of information on this site. By accessing this site and any pages thereof, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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