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We offer new customers a FREE TRIAL to experience all the benefits of WorthPoint.com. During the trial period, you receive 7 free lookups that can be used on a single item or on multiple items (e.g. If you are researching a medal, you can use your 7 lookups for one medal or you can conduct individual searches for 7 different medals).

You have 7 days to use your 7 free lookups before a paid subscription begins. If you start an 8th search during the trial period, you will be prompted to activate your subscription and can continue with lookups immediately. If you do not proactively cancel your trial by the 7th day, you will automatically be enrolled in the paid subscription you initially chose.

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Having a WorthPoint® subscription is like having insider trading information... WorthPoint’s powerful search engine, now has advanced filters that lets you access what you’re looking for fast, by price range, location, category, with or without images and much more!

Walt Kolenda,

Without WorthPoint® I would never have been able to research comparable pricing for specialized memorabilia. They were the only site that I found that had the data I needed to price out the sale.

Donna Davis,
Estate Sale Company

WorthPoint® is an excellent tool for an eBay seller to have in her arsenal... In my experience, using a low-start auction format no longer works well for many products. What does work is using WorthPoint’s historical view to determine an accurate historical price for a relatively obscure object.

Nanette Zupon,