Crocker Farm

Crocker Farm, Inc. is a family business, owned and operated by Anthony and Barbara Zipp and their three sons, Brandt, Luke, and Mark. Anthony and Barbara began collecting and studying American stoneware in 1977, and began selling it in 1983. They have handled thousands and thousands of pieces of antique American stoneware and redware since that time. The Zipps have spent hundreds of hours conducting original research on American stoneware and redware potters in original, period sources, such as census records, city directories and newspapers. New information brought to light through their research includes ground-breaking revelations on Baltimore, MD stoneware and redware, the long-sought origin of "H. Myers" stoneware, important findings on the history of the prolific Remmey family of American potters (of New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore), significant contributions to the study of Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC stoneware, new findings in the areas of Shenandoah Valley pottery, Midwestern stoneware, New York City stoneware, and many more. Exhaustive research conducted by the Zipps on James Miller, potter of Alexandria, Virginia, took the surviving examples of his work out of obscurity, thus increasing the value of these vessels by thousands and thousands of dollars. In March 2010, Brandt revealed that Thomas Commeraw, the famous Manhattan potter of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, was actually a free African American Brandt’s book on Commeraw's remarkable life will be completed soon. These are just a few of the important contributions the Zipp family with Crocker Farm, Inc. has made to the field of American utilitarian ceramics.