Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, eMoviePoster adds 800 to 1000 items to online auctions (2,000 to 3,000 items per week). All the Tuesday and Thursday items begin around 7 PM CST, which means they close the following Tuesday or Thursday around the same time (NOTE: Sunday auctions end at 3 PM CST). If you go to our list of items each Tuesday and Thursday night PRIOR to 7 PM CST (or Sunday prior to 3 PM CST), you can view the current items just before they close (so you can make last minute bids), plus you can look at the items for the upcoming week (we add the next week's items just after the current items close). Each week our three weekly sales combined contain around $60,000 of movie posters, lobby cards, and/or other movie paper, and EVERY ITEM starts at just $1, with NO RESERVE on any item, which means these have competitive bidding (where the final prices are set by two or more real bidders, not by you bidding against a reserve). Far too many auctions have sky-high reserves, which is why so many go unsold. Over 99% of OUR over 950,000 auction items have sold (the few that don't get a $1 bid are displayed on the walls of our 35,000 square foot warehouse!). Unlike every other major auction, we charge NO buyers premium. If you don't know, this is an extra 19.5% to 25% premium that a buyer is charged after they are the high bidder. So if an item sells for $1000 at an auction with 19.5% buyers premiums, then the buyer pays an additional $195, or $1,195 total. If they charge the seller 15% (which is their standard agreement), then the seller receives $850 out of that $1,195 sale, for a commission rate of 29%. If you have never bought or sold through eMoviePoster, all you need to do is try us once, and you will immediately see the vast differences between our auctions and all others. And if you ever have the slightest problem dealing with us in any way, then pick up the phone and call +1 (417) 256-5555 on our "Hershenson Help Hotline" to speak with Bruce Hershenson, the owner (there is no other major auction where you can do this!), or, if it is not urgent, go to our Contact Us page (http://www.emovieposter.com/mail/contact.php) and e-mail us with your problem or comment, and we will give you true customer service (something rapidly disappearing in today's world).