+Sep & Jul 1905 THEATRE MAGAZINES HItchcock Glaser Keim

This auction is for two (2) THEATRE MAGAZINES...see description(s) below...

*NOTE - Picture is of September 1905 Issue only

Over a Century old, this magazine is a true treasure!

Vintage, and extremely RARE September 1905 The Theatre Magazine - Illustrated Magazine of Theatrical Art, Fashion and Life.

W/ color cover illustration of Robert Edeson by Otto Sarony in "Stongheart"

FULL-PAGE PHOTOS of (frontispiece) Robert Edeson; (title page) Edward J. Morgan; daughter of Leslie Allen and Mrs. Brutone, Miss Viola Allen

OTHER PHOTOS of scene in 'Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots'?; Julia Marlow, Olga Nethersole; (3) Adelaide Ristori; Gertrude Carlisle and Taylor Granville; Augustin Daly bookplate; Lillian Burns; Raymond Hitchcock in 'Easy Dawson'? at Wallack's; Dustin Farnum; Thomas W. Ross; (4) Frank Daniels; (4) scenes in the Stage Version of 'In the Bishop's Carriage'? incl Julia Dean, John Westley, Edmund Breese; operetta singer, Adele Rafter; cowboy, W. S. Hart; Gertrude Norman; Sir Henry Irving; Ellen Terry; Sarah Bernhadt; Lulu Glaser; Joseph Wheelock, Jr.; Katherine Florence; Robert Lorraine; (4) Edwin Arden; Paul Gilmore in play by William Farquar Payson; May Convell; Helen Lackaey; (3) Richard Carle in His New Piece 'The Mayor of Tokio'? incl Charles w. Meyers and Edward Garvia; The
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