6.0" Massive Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil, 1.03 lbs.

Good day to you. Up for your consideration is a very impressive Carcharodon Megalodon fossil shark tooth, from front-upper jaw, found in South Carolina. It has been well-cleaned and that is all: All-natural, no repairs, no touch-ups. Many millions of years old.
A unusually large tooth at exactly 6-inches (measured along major slant), over 4.5" wide and a whopping 1.03 lbs. Very wide and thick front-to-back. I had one that was almost 7 inches long and in slightly better condition that I displayed right next to this one, but everyone picked this one up first. It's just more impressive due to it's mass...a bone-crusher.
Some damage front and back (see photos) but in good condition overall. Color is a bluish-gray with some coppery patches. Serrations very clear and in good shape all around.
Also included in this auction is a free 2.44" (about the size of large Great White tooth) Megalodon tooth...pictured in the last 2 photos sitting on beige carpet.
I have perfect feedback for a reason. I may not have hundreds of auctions under my belt but I've sold and bought some very expensive items - I'm not happy if you're not, and I will guarantee that. . Feel free to ask any questions. I communicate clearly and quickly, and I hope for the same from you. I will ship within 2 business days of receiving payment.