7-0 Silverline Aluminum Christmas Tree Curl & Twist Ends Never Assembled

7-0 Silverline Aluminum Christmas Tree Curl & Twist Ends Never Assembled

I found this in my attic when I had my house tented for termites. So the box and paper instructions have damage from the termites but the branches were in the waxed paper sl eeves, so no damage to them. I will mail it in the original box but I will have to reinforce the box to make it sturdy enough to be mailed. The picture was taken off the instructions, I did not put the tree together, it has never been built~~I counted the branches and I counted 151~~The 2 piece pole to make a 7-0 tree has 50 pieces on it that each hold 3 branches and that would take 150 branches. It could also be made into a 4-0 tree~~The branches were originally bundled with papers that told you where the branches went but alot of them came loose, so you will have to sort them out by length~Stand & pole are complete~~Branches have never been removed from the sleeves but again about half of them have slipped from the bundle papers that sorted them~~I do have the instructions but the tree will be a little harder to assemble with the loose branches~~It was sold at The Broadway Dept Store before zip codes~Made by the Home Pool Equipment, Inc. of El Monte California~~Stainless foil branches that the box describes as extra full with permanent curl & twist ends (Pom-Poms)

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