#007 Dom Test Type [The Origin] (HG)

Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN [Mobile Suit Discovery] unlock the 2nd Dom of development paths `Dom prototype experimental aircraft` appeared!
- Pursuing the proportions balance. Further reproduce the Dom seems heavy while using the upper body of origin system Zaku. Joint mechanism has achieved a wide range of motion that is to follow the format of HG origin series.- Head Mono Eye moveable reproduction.- Chest part two included. Chest can reproduce the variation difference in the replacement.- Various armed included. Huge beam bazooka and the heat saber is included.- Heat saber can be suspended from the backpack.
- The Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Mobile Suit Discovery ... [Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN] are deployed in the world of, and mechanical historical research project with a focus on MS that also was not revealed until this while drawing a MS development untold story It is.
- Accessories: heat saber, beam bazooka, various hand parts × 4 (perforated hand left and right, gun possession right hand, left open hand)
Item Size/Weight : 30 x 19 x 7.5 cm / 344g