2.008 Grams of 20 Screen, Natural, High Purity, Alaska Placer Gold Nuggets

Capture your own wild Alaskan GOLD nuggets!

These gold nuggets come with a certificate of authenticity and would make a great gift or, with analysts predicting gold prices will rise, these nuggets could be added to your portfolio as gold has always been the safest investment.

Most of the gold that is mined is sent to refiners and melted into bars, this makes finding gold in its natural form much more difficult.

The price of a natural gold nugget is based on its unique beauty not on "spot" gold prices. These nuggets are a bright, shiny, golden color with a purity estimated at about 22 KT and they look


I used only household lighting when I took the magnified photographs of these nuggets that show their unique details and natural beauty.

Note: In the event of any typos in this listing, the item in the photos is the one you will get when you win this auction.

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