That's right, most of these coins are 100 years and older, with many dating in the 1800s!! Due to time and labor constraints we continue to have to dump most of our new purchases into bins and boxes. This gave us the idea to start selling our very popular grab bags! Many of our customers and other dealers have been buying these for years, so we know they're happy and we want everyone to keep coming back for more. We simply have tens of thousands of coins that would cost us too much time and money to sift through and sort. Grades will range from fair to as high as nearly perfect, Gem Uncirculated, MS 67 or better. We don't buy anything unless it's a great deal and unless the coin has a full readable date with most major details showing. At these low prices, many will probably be average circulated to above average circulated, and many will grade Very Good to Extremely Fine. Of course, we can't guarantee specific dates and grades, but we can guarantee these are unsearched for varities and will be a lot of fun. Each bag will start off with at least one silver dollar dated in the 1800s and will include lots of old Liberty silver half dollars, quarters and dimes along with early 1800s coins, Liberty nickels in the 1800s, a few better date type coins in the early 1900s, such as Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Standing Quarters and Walking ... read more