1.013+gram Bering Sea GOLD

Fresh,newly mined 2013 season gold fines and flakes brought straight to you from the icy depths of the Bering Sea. As difficult as it can be to put an ounce of this extraordinarily noble metal together,it should be trading at $10,000/oz already. Get yours the smart,easy way right here on e-bay before it is. These electrifyingly elegant fines/flakes weigh in at 1.013+ grams/ 15.64+ grains. This is raw,natural,unrefined, free-milling placer gold and was recovered thru water gravity classification and magnetic cancellation with no chemical or mercurial processing. As such,even after rigorous and stringent separation methods, there may be a very tiny, trivial amount of black sand particles still present within. This can often times be encrusted hold,platinum,silver,or other high-rotating exotic precious metals. At any rate if there is anything in this package other than the intended placer gold it is an ultra small,negligible amount that weighs virtually nothing. But in further effort to gain your trust, I will add a little extra to sweeten the deal and help you rest assured. Thank you kindly for looking. .

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