1.02 Gram Total - Over 45 Natural Gold Nuggets

1.02 Gram Total - Over 45 Natural Gold Nuggets

(Gold is Hitting a New Record Every Day 2 Weeks Ago - Reaching $1,587 That Friday - WOW)

You are bidding on more that 45 nice size, Natural Gold Nuggets weighing a Total of 1.02 Grams.... They still retain much of the shape and texture they were born with millions of years ago... Their size can be seen in the third photo with the wooden ruler... The black lines are 1/16" increments...

There is no better time to buy Gold or Gold Jewelry .... Gold has Set New Record Highs Each Week for 5 Weeks, reaching the Record $1,587 2 weeks ago and then was up and down the last 2 weeks in Profit Taking ... Today, Wednesday 05/18, it is just $3 below $1,500 ...... Experts are now predicting Gold to reach $1,600 to $2,000 yet this year... The US Treasury is p rinting billions in dollars to "help" (really putting us deeper in debt) the economy and people in other countries (China, Arabic Countries) that are buying Gold are not printing currency, or do not let their currency "float"... The Fed is almost done with QE2 (second Quantitive Easing or Printing More Money) and now they are talking about QE3.....!!!!


Gold Nuggets are the rarest form
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