0.05 Bitcoin (BTC) Direct to your wallet -

Bitcoins are very expensive and hard to buy using internet .
we are selling you bitcoins at a very good rate and it is completely secure refunds are aceptable and you have money back garantee.
you can contact me before buying if you have any question.
after buying you just have to send your wallet QR code as a picture or just send me the adress and it will be delivered very quick 0.05 BTC Bitcoin - Directly to your wallet Address No physical item will be mailed. Coins will be sent from my digital wallet to your digital wallet in average 3 days
To prevent fraud, please read the following rules carefully:
we also save the adress given so we can track the transaction as a proof of delivery we are prepared for potential scammers.
Buyers must meet the following requirements, terms and conditions:
1. The buyer must have a feedback score of 10 or more.
2. You must have been an eBay member for longer than 6 months.
3. Your PayPal account must Verified.
4. No refunds after the coins have been sent.
5. No returns accepted.
6. The seller has the right to cancel any transaction if i suspect fraud.
7. Due to the quickly rising value of cryptocurrencies any orders that are not paid within 48 hours can be terminated.
8. Transaction ID for the transfer will be provided if the buyer
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