0.050BTC directly to your Bitcoin Wallet

Welcome! You will receive in a timely fashion--within 12 hours of notification of your payment--0.050BTC directly to your Bitcoin wallet.
By buying this cryptocurrency, you are acknowledging your acceptance of this transaction's requirements:
1. Your feedback score must be no less than 5; in other words, 5 and up
2. Only sales to eBay members who have had an account for 3 months or longer will go through (exceptions can be made for those who contact me ASAP, if they don't satisfy this condition)
3.You have to include your Bitcoin wallet RECEIVE address in the NOTE TO SELLER field when making your payment. This is very important because If no Bitcoin wallet receive address is in the NOTE TO SELLER field, invoicing in order to fulfill the terms of this auction and complete the sale will be repeated until the right information is obtained, thereby wasting time. Besides, Bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions generally cannot go through without that information included with the payment. You definitely also want to make sure you have the correct one as such transactions are irreversible.
4.Payment must be sent within 24 hours, otherwise the order will be cancelled
5.Order payment must clear with paypal before bitcoin is transferred
6.International buyers are stongly advised to contact me before
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