Thank you very much for looking at my auction. This auction is in near mint - mint condition. If you have any questions at all, please email me. I check the computer all the time for questions. I pride myself in replying to questions as fast as possible. I enjoy talking cards, so I will answer any and all questions.

Shipping and handling is $3.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item won after the first on the same day. ALL ITEMS YOU ARE COMBINING SHIPPING FOR MUST BE MADE IN ONE SINGLE PAYMENT! I will be listing a few thousand auctions over the next few weeks. These auctions are rather good and I want to protect them as much as possible. I raised my multiple shipping & handling rate up to a dollar per additional item. I did this because I am going to ship EVERY single card in a toploader, snapcase, or screwdown. Because t are some nicer items, I want to be sure that every card arrives to you in the condition it leaves in. I ship all cards in bubble mailers unless the order is too large, then I will ship in a box. I am very sorry, but I am unable to accept SASE's. Also, I am again sorry, but t is no cap on Shipping & handling. It is much simpler to have the same s & h prices for everyone at all times. This way, it is less confusing for me to figure out prices owed and amounts paid, and for you, it

NON US SHIPPING: I only ship to the US. However, I will make an exception if you are willing to pay for Global Priority Mail through the USPS. I charge $7 for the first card and $1 for each additional card after the first. This is the only way I will ship outside of the US. This way, you will still have your cards in a timely manner. If the order is over $100, you must pay full insurance on the package. Again, ALL ITEMS YOU ARE COMBINING SHIPPING FOR MUST BE MADE IN ONE SINGLE PAYMENT! Thank you for understanding.

Thank you very much for looking at my auction and good luck bidding! I look forward to doing business with you. Thanks a ton!!

US Postal Service Insurance Fees Coverage Desired Fee in Addition to Postage $0.01 to $50.00 $1.35 50.01 to 100.00 2.30 100.01 to 200.00 3.35 200.01 to 300.00 4.40 300.01 to 400.00 5.45 400.01 to 500.00 6.50 500.01 to 600.00 7.55 600.01 to 700.00 $8.60 700.01 to 800.00 $9.65 800.01 to 900.00 $10.70 900.01 to 1,000.00 $11.75 1,000.01 to 5,000.00 $11.75 plus $1.05 for each $100 or fraction tof over $1,000 in desired coverage

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