061121 TARZAN WANTS TO TALK 2x Magazine Sec Jul 1945

Paper Title:

Baltimore American
(tabloid - small)

Paper Date:

29 July 1945


Original 45 (+) Page Magazine Sections

Section One:

The Wright Girls
by David Wright
stunning full colour full front page artwork,

Douglas Newland Lamy and wife
article by Irving Johnson
includes photographs,

Fiery End To Burma's Palace of Pain
by William Seabrook,

Guest Wife
full page colour movie advert,

Little Miss Mozart
by Jannie Hurst,

Tarzan Wants To Talk
Johnny Weissmuller article with photographs,

The Martinique Story
Chapter V,

Wonder Man
full colour full page movie advert,


Glamour Gals of the Pacific
full colour graphic
by Gilbert Bundy,

Major General James L Bradley
large feature with loads of great sketches
by Gilbert Bundy,

Dear Dollink
by Milt Gross,

Stars & Yipes by Bruce Patterson,

Merle Oberon by Louella Parsons
with coloured photograph,

lots more inside.


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