08 Easton Synergy Extended SCX14 ASA Softball Bat 27oz

This bat is in great condition. 2nd BATCH. This Synergy Extended has zero cracks and zero stress fractures. It is flat out hitting lasers. There is common end cap wear due to the bat residing and being pulled in/out the bag and typical scratches. This bat is ASA approved and ready to start hitting bombs. I am no longer playing ASA so there is no need for thess bats in my bags anymore.

The second batch bats were much better than the first and made of a completely different material. The first batch bats start with serial number of 1, and the second batch start with a serial number of 8. The serial numbers can be found on the hadle under the wrap (view pic).

This bat is boasting Easton's patented Integrated Matrix (IMX) technology, which optimizes the relationship between the materials, design technologies, and manufacturing process, the SCX14 Synergy extended bat continues to dominate the slow-pitch game. The bat's distinguishing features are its 13.5-inch extended barrel--which creates a bigger sweet spot--and its Extended Flex design, which stretches the sweet spot all the way across the entire barrel length. As a result, slow-pitch softball players will enjoy more power than ever before.