08 Gridiron Jersey Patch RC Auto Eddie Royal Broncos 50

WOW! Awesome colors in this Eddie Royal card or what! This is a 2008 Rookie Gridiron Gems Autograph Triple with a 3 colored patch , a two colored patch , and a piece of real leather football , card #213 in the set makes it a regular rookie card, and it's #'d to only 50 copies made. That is the good news, the heartbreaking news is that the card was damaged in the manufacturing, the card looks perfect from the front, but if you run your finger along the top ridge of the card you can feel a little indentation. Also pm the back of the card which I have scanned for youit may have stuck in the machine when being cut . Look at the scan of the back in lower left corner and you can see some damage , from the side it almost looks like a thumbnail indentation. I pulled the card directly from a pack this way. It could be returned to the company for replacement but I think the awesome Jersey colors on the front more that make up for the imperfection and I am sure Bronco fans and Eddie Royal fans will agree! You are bidding only on the card listed in the title. USA will get FREE shipping .International Airmail $3.50 . Save are in shipping fees when you win additional auctions they ship for only $1 each. Visit my store.Insurance is available to USA bidders only optional $1.75.