NEW 08 LTD fury 154 SNOWBOARD + 2009 FLOW MENS bindings


Limited Fury 2008 154 "Magic". That's what the tester's had to say about the new Fury from Limited. It performs well in a huge variety of snow conditions, and excels at both freeriding and freestyle. VersaFlex full wood core, Radial Sidecut Geometry, Energy Transmission Frame Technology (ETF), 3D impression topsheet, Triaxial Fiberglas, 4 x 4 (16 pack) insert pattern, Syncroslide edges, Hybrid Laser Lock Diecut and Silkscreen base, Specialty Metallic Ink and UV Mirror finish, Precision Ground 3400 base. Compare at $400!! The 144 is ideal for a rider between 70 to 130 lbs. and shoe size of 3-8. The 148 is ideal for a rider between 80 to 140 lbs. and shoe size of 4-9. The 151 is ideal for a rider between 90 to 150 lbs. and shoe size of 4-10. The 154 is ideal for a rider between 100 to 160 lbs. and shoe size of 4-11.

Flow Flite 1 2009 Bindings Check out the outstanding strap Flow has added to the 2009 Flite 1! The Flite 1 is a model that Flow offered only to it's largest sellers, and man does it rip! It touts many of the features of the highly popular The Five model. It has the new Flite base base, and uses a reinforced highback that improves heelside turning. Flow has taken over as the best snowboard binding on the market. They one-up the function of a traditional binding, and deliver

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Snowboard 101

As in many industries, t is an abundance of misinformation in the snowboard world. The following tips come from years of experience in the industry, and are designed to cut through some of the tech talk and misleading jargon. If you would like us to find you the perfect board for your needs, please e-mail the following information: Weight, Shoe size, Preferred style of riding, Ability level, Areas at which you most typically ride. W your nose is, does not determine what size of snowboard you should ride! Or your chin, ears, shoulders or any other body part for that matter. These are the silliest rules for sizing boards that could possibly be imagined, and yet they persist. We hear new ones everyday, "my friend told me that a board should come to in between my chin and my nose." Why, are you planning to nibble on it? These generalities are good ways to end up with a completely inappropriate board. Why do such rules exist, you ask? It is due to the fact that finding the right board takes a bit of research and knowledge. The easy way, however incorrect, is much quicker. A snowboard reacts to only two factors, how much pressure is being applied to it (weight), and w that pressure is coming from (shoe size). Boards are designed around riders of a certain weight. The total weight range for a given board will be around 50 pounds (although manufacturers tend to exaggerate this range to make their products sellable to a wider variety of customers). Two men who stand six feet tall and have t noses at identical heights, may be separated by 100 pounds of weight. This would change the boards they should ride by two entire categories of stiffness, and length. You will also want to make sure that the board is appropriate for your shoe size. One half to three quarters of an inch of overhang (yes, overhang) off the edge of your board is ideal (when wearing snowboard boots, and measured at the stance angle that you will ride). We will discuss this more below when we address width in detail. T is no best level of stiffness for a board! At least five ...

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