09 Anderson RockeTech FastPitch Softball Bat 24 Oz 33

Batsbatsbats-JJ Sports presents:
New Fast-Pitch Bat!!
This is a brand new un-used IN THE WRAPPER bat which comes with a 1 year warranty & authorized receipt. This bat has these great features:
Details for 2009 Anderson RockeTech Softball Bat: New for 2009! Introducing the latest member of the Anderson Rocketech line. The 2009 Rocketech has the largest most effective hitting area on any previous model before it. The Rocketech features Andersons patented Power Arch Technology which transfers the energy of the bat into the ball efficiently for added distance. The carefully spaced arches optimize barrel strength and elasticity. What you end up with is the ultimate in multi-wall performance and durability. The Rocketech also features the Ergonomic Knob, which was developed by orthopedic surgeons to alleviate hand trauma cased by bat on ball collisions. The Rocketechs solid aluminum knob creates a balanced feel. The Ultra Thin Whip Handle of the Rocketech helps to reduce the bats vibration, resulting in superior feel and no sting. The Taper Flex Technology provides the optimal amount of flex, resulting in an unprecedented level of feel and performance. The Groove Optimeze System utilizes an extremely high strength groove that runs the circumference of the bat, locking the shell, sleeve and cap into place to increase
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