Up for bidding is nice set of 1,558 Story of America cards C. 1979,1980,1981 by Panarizon Publishing Corp. These cards were offered by subscription only and have been OOP since 1981. I am offering 47 @ 24 ea. and 430 loose cards. The packs are still in the cellophane with the condition of the wrap varying among packs from totally sealed to moderately torn. The cards are fine in the slightly opened packs, and appear to have never been removed....I believe the cellophane became brittle over time and cracked...causing this. I also am including 430 loose cards that are in good shape with some having very very mild yellowing around the edges because of their age...This may also be found on a few of the back cards in the packs...And again this is very mild...I just like to describe to the fullest. This is a Great find and is over 2/3 of the complete set printed. If you are looking for a certain pack/card let me know..I will look and see if I have what you want, Although ..I will not sell any cards listed separate. PLEASE NOTE: As you will see in my pictures t are 48 packs, after taking these I found one pack with a couple bad cards...so they were removed and the others placed in the loose cards. The above card/pack counts reflect this and are accurate. THIS IS A NO RESERVE AUCTION Please feel free to ask any questions that you may

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