8 1/2 in Decorated Marblehead Pottery cylinder vase

This matte gray cylinder vase is 8 1/2 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter.
It has three stylized decorations that are evenly spaced around the vase.
The decorations are incised and painted in varied tones of blue glaze.
Incised on the foot ring are a stylized AB and a T.
The AB means it was hand thrown by Arthur Baggs , the manager and then owner of the Marblehead Pottery. Mr. Baggs was brought to the pottery in 1906 because of his background in chemistry with a special interest in pottery glazes, but he became an excellent potter.
The T means that it was incised and decorated by Sarah Tutt, the main decorator at the pottery.
Since it has a clear interior glaze, this would indicate that it was made in early 1917 or before. Mr. Baggs experimented with tin glazing in 1917 which produced the white interior glazes that were not very popular and then moved on to colored interior glazes.
This vase has no cracks, chips or crazing. It does have a small area( 1/4in by 1inch) of clear high gloss glaze that can be seen to top left of the decoration in picture number 3.