6 1/2" J&E STEVENS Bronze Casting Pattern CANNON WHEELS

We acquired some wonderful miscellaneous bank & toy parts at the fabulous auction of items from the J&E Stevens Co. Factory held on April 4 th 2009 by Lloyd Ralston Gallery. The items at this sale were brought to auction by the heirs of a gentleman who, in 1959 was working as a molder in the Stevens foundry. Reporting to work one day he was told the company was bankrupt. He and two other employees were enlisted to clean out the factory and the contents were split between the three of them. The recent auction w we purchased many items contained this gentleman’s third of the divided contents with many wonderful finds. THE FOLLOWING EBAY AUCTION IS FOR ONE OF THE ITEMS PURCHASED AT THE ABOVE AUCTION.

This auction is for a pair of bronze cannon wheel casting patterns used during the late 1800’s by the J & E Stevens CO. of Cromwell, CT. These wheels were used as a mold for casting the iron wheels for the No. 1 BREECH-LOADING CANNON for 32 cal. cartridges. (Please see the photos of page 43 of the 1883 Stevens catalog showing the cannon that used these wheels---catalog stated that the No. 1 was mounted on 6 ½�€ iron wheels, with wood axletree.) These wonderful bronze wheels could easily be put into service as is, by boring the centers. The wheels have not been drilled all the way through the hubs. They show tarnish
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