1 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still

Thisis a small pot still. It is intended as a decoration only. It is built from a design the seller created from purecopper sheet. All metal work is hand hammered and hand assembled, soldered with tin and silver lead free solder. All features are representative of an authentic, prohibition period moonshine pot still. The seams on the sides of the boiler are cramped in the old English coppersmith style and form a beautiful dovetailed pattern. The flake stand, containing the condenser, is included. It is representative of the traditional creek water cooled distilling operation. The inverted wooden bucket under the flake stand is also hand made by the seller using traditional methods. The wooden parts are held together with the riveted bands and no glue is used. The boiler with the cap measures 12 1/4 inches tall and is 7 inches in diameter. The tub for the flake stand is 4 inches diameter by 4 inches tall. The coil is 9 1/2 turns of 3/8" OD soft tubing and comes above the tub by 1 inch.
The condenser connects to the lyne arm with a flare fitting to make a perfectly air tight connection. The boiler and cap are tested to be leak free. The cap is easily sealed to the boiler with wheat dough.
The outside is polished to a near mirror finish. The pieces are not sealed and can be polished or if left unprotected, will change to
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