1 - Joseph Addai 2006 - etopps

Learn more about the etopps program Joseph Addai 2006 - Indianapolis Colts Rb QUANTITY IN LOT: 1 Card Description: Colts fans who lamented the free agency loss of Edgerrin James were enjoying a terrific preseason battle between Addai and veteran Dominic Rhodes for the starting RB job. Joseph's speed and power will earn him significant time. Seller's Comments: etopps sales are paypal only Cards in Circulation: 1499 Card No.: 37 etopps and etopps cards: Produced by Topps, each etopps card is guaranteed to be in mint condition, and unlike any other card on the market, stored in a tamper-resistant hard plastic casing. Plus, we are only producing a limited number of each card, thus ensuring they remain a rare and desirable commodity. And only through etopps, can you seamlessly buy, sell and trade your etopps cards on The Trading Floor at eBay. Claiming Cards: Much like any other auction on eBay, once the sale has gone through, you must contact the seller to conclude the deal. Note: It is the seller that determines all payment terms for the eBay transaction. After this initial step, you can claim your cards on etopps, w they will be automatically transferred into your portfolio. Keep in mind that you must first have an account with etopps before you can claim your cards. Once in your portfolio, you can view your cards online or trade them ... read more