1 1/2 Ounce GOLD HAND POURED & STAMPED CPU drop bullion bar pins recovery ingot/

Please read full details below before bidding
1 1/2 Ounce melted drop of scrap Gold plated computer pins
Stamped on ALL SIDES , see pictures for details
Great looking drop pictures do not do it justice, it looks much better in person
Were taking things a step further once again, now we are adding some 14 Karat gold to each of our drops to ensure that they have the best gold content of any drops on Ebay. The picture of the scrap gold is an example of the materials we are using and not all that is in the picture is added to our drops but there has been some 14 Karat added along with the heavy plated cpu's that we usually use.

Perfect for Jewelry making, gold recovery, collecting or investment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Made with high quality pins and connections + scrap 14 Karat gold

Anything else in the picture is just there for a size reference and not included in the auction, only the Gold CPU BAR will be shipped.

Condition: Pre-owned

Pictures do not do the item justice the actual item looks much better in person !

Why buy from us and why buy our drops:

We Ship same day payment is made. At least 10% of the amount used in making the drops is from ceramic CPU's and regular CPU's . Everyone knows ceramic CPU's are heavy in gold. The color the drops/bars
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