7-1/2" tall, Tiara, Black Hob-Nail Glass Mini-Basket

7 1/2” Tall, Tiara Hob-Nail Mini Basket in Black Glass

This mini-basket was created by Indiana Glass for Tiara Exclusives about 1978. First a hobnail patterned tumbler was manufactured in black glass. The upper part of the tumbler was then reheated and reshaped to create the flare of the basket. Finally a handle was attached. At the time this basket was created, t were only four men in the factory who could attach glass handles. The initials of the final finisher were stamped at the base of the handle. This particular mini basket shows the initials “JD”. The base of the basket measures about 2” wide, the basket flares out to about 5-1/2” at its widest point, and 4” at the narrowest point between the handles. Having been hand-made, no two are ever alike. T are no chips, nor are t any markings on the bottom of this beautiful mini-basket.

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