10,000 & 50,000 B&C Casino AB Plaques Sweden - high denom Prototypes?

Beautiful plaques. A nic e addition to your foreign collection. Thanks for looking!

Red plaque 10,000 approx. 2" x 3.5"

Blue plaque 50,000 approx. 3" x 4.5"

These may be prototypes from a set of B&C Casino AB pieces that were never ordered after Cherry took over. This high denomination is very unusual in Swedish casino chips, especially considering these small restaurant casinos were state mandated to be low stakes operations! Please see my other auctions for more interesting B&C Casino AB items.

These items came from the personal collection of the CEO of a European gaming conglomerate. They were kept in a glass topped box on his desk. Over the years the company expanded, often taking over existing casinos and gambling ferries. As these locations were re-branded and their existing chip racks destroyed, he often kept an item or two for his collection. There were also many manufacturer samples, prototypes, color sample sets and other unusual chips.

Excerpts from the Cherry Casino website: “Cherry Casino has been operating gaming activities for more than 45 years and has long been the leading, private gaming company in Sweden, with a focus on physical casino and slot machines and Internet gaming. The operations are run in restaurants in Sweden, on ships Europe in waters such as Baltic
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