10 x 1/10 oz gold .999+ fine by Dan Carr, master artist

These 1/10 troy ounce .999+ fine gold coins from master die-maker Daniel Carr (Moonlight Mint) are struck by PG+G. Minted with a new design each year, last year's mintage was a mere 3200 coins. These 2011 coins have a high unfinished rim, all are at least 1/10 ounce, but some weigh slightly more. The average weight is 3.121 grams (at spot that's about 50 cents extra gold value per coin).

Shipping is $3, which includes insurance. We combine shipping; you pay $3 total regardless how many coins you purchase.

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GOLD: When US fighter pilots are shot down, their packs don't contain dollars, they contain gold coins. Paper is just paper until someone with power issues a decree: "let this be money". Gold is money everywhere and at all times.

America's monetary system is melting down, and we are just starting to feel the effects. It's the 1970s all over again, plus $1.5 quadrillion ($1500 trillion) in derivatives. The other major difference is that the money supply is 7x what it was when gold hit a previous peak of $850 in 1980. Fractional gold offers a number of advantages over larger gold coins; they are easier to exchange, and their price is withing the reach of most people.