10 1975 Hoffman Leprechaun Miniature Liquor Bottles

10 1975 Hoffman Leprechaun Miniature Liquor Bottles
T are 10 of these lucky Leprechaun 1975 miniature Hoffman liquor bottles, all in great shape with no cracks or chips. They stand approx 5 to 5 1/4 inches tall. T is a doctor, the fellow with the pot of gold, a Sandman, a policeman, a cobbler, three musicians - sad fiddler - horn - saxophone, a dancing man and even a dancing Colleen. Most will need a little cleaning and two will either need new corks or their lids glued on, they will not stay put. Several of them have not been opened and t may be tiny amounts of liquid content (most has evaporated or leaked out over the years) and they are incidental and not to be considered in this auction or consumed. You must be 21 to bid on this auction. They will be packed carefully with lots of bubble wrap. They will be shipped Parcel Post only as per Postal regulations.

Ebay's alcohol policy-verbatim: eBay will permit sales of unopened collectible containers that still contain alcohol as long as each of the following conditions are met and stated verbatim in the listing: * The value of the auctioned item is in the collectible container, not its contents. Thus, bottles of wine are not permitted because their value is based on the wine in the bottle, and not the bottle itself. * The auction description should state that the container

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