10 Amazing Stories Digests-Heinlein, Bradbury, Leinster

Ten Amazing Stories
Science Fiction
Digests 1950's/1960's
This lot consists of ten Amazing Stories digests from the 1950's and 1960's. These digests are in Fair to Good condition. The digests have wear, dust soiling,spine rolls, reading creases at the front spine seam and at the wrappers, etc. They are great reading copies. The ten issues are:
1. April-May, 1953. Fair. Front wrapper coming loose. Robert Heinlein ("Project Nightmare"), Ray Bradbury ("Here There Be Tygers"), Theodore Sturgeon, Richard Matheson, Murray Leinster and others. Cover by Barye Phillips.
2. March, 1955. Fair. Milton Lesser, Leinster, Robert Bloch, John Toland, and Ivor Jorgensen.
3. June, 1956. Fair. Lesser, Henry Still, C.H. Thames, Robert Silverberg and Gordon Aghill.
4. February, 1856. Fair. Lower3 1/2" of rear wrapper is missing. Malcolm Meade, Jorgensen, Thames, Harry L. Conneborn and Manly Banister. Cover by Valigursky.
5. March, 1956. Fair. Thames, Karl Stanley, Banister, and E.K. Jarvis.
6. February, 1967. Good. Charles R. Tanner, John Brunner, Wallace West & Richard Barr, and Ron Goulart.
7. October, 1967. Fair. Frank Herbert ("Santaroga Barrier" Part 1), Sturgeon, Raymond F. Jones, Frank Robinson and others.
8. December, 1967. Good. Herbert, Bradbury ("The Smile"), Charles Harness, Kris Neville,
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