10 antique bisque Bottle Stopper Portion 1880

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10 antique bisque Bottle Stopper Portion 1880
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today I would like to again offer you some interesting things to buy.
As you can see from my previous sold items and their ratings,
they will gladly bought and fully in line with the description.
Glad they can also see my items on Ebay Germany, even
I like this ship to the USA.
It is offered in my articles mainly to archaeological finds
from Germany, Thuringia, Lauscha, and light environment.
There are articles which you can not get every day.
The former manufacturing in our area was characterized by the production
Century of Ceramics in 1800
- Dolls in all types of porcelain and ceramic
- Ceramic / Porcelain for the budget
- Ceramic / porcelain for export
and various things made of glass, manufactured in manual labor.
- Mainly marbles
- Glasses, vases, pens, utensils
- Christmas ornaments and beads
- Glass eyes for humans and puppets
At this auction I offer them:
10 antique bisque Bottle Stopper Portion
Germany from the early 1880's,excavated in Thuringia.
please look the pictures, they are part of the description.
They where found while digging in factory yard in Limbach in Thuringia Germany.
They are from

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