(10) Artesania Rinconada Retired Classic Series Mouse Collection (73, 247, 304A)

From the original classic Artesania Rinconada, all retired 1999-2004,
Collection of Mice :
73B Mouse with Photo/Valentine (2" tall);
73C Mouse in Christmas Boot (2 1/4" tall);
73D Mouse in Pumpkin (2" tall);
73F Papa Mouse Eating Cheese (2 1/2" tall);
73G Baby Mouse Asleep on Cheese (1 1/4" tall);
73I Mouse Reading Book (2" tall);
73J Mouse on Blue Book (1 3/4" tall);
247B Red Mouse (1 1/2" long);
247C Yellow Mouse (1 1/2" long);
304A Mice In Love On Bench (2 1/2" tall)
Internationally known for it's unique personality, character and originality, the Artesania Rinconada Collection is is truly one of the finest examples of contemporary ceramic design and craftsmanship. Each is carefully hand-carved and detailed from fine grain earthenware ceramic material then, after it's initial kiln firing, decoration continues with the hand application of enamel colors and glazes used to accent and highlight individual design characteristics. Each enamel glaze must be re-fired individually in order to preserve it's distinctive coloration.

Artesania Rinconada This exquisite collection of hand-crafted ceramic design was created by twin brothers Jesus and Javier Carbajales during the fall of 1972 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Carbajales chose nature as their subject and their sculptures blend a traditional

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