10 Assorted Canadian Style Estate Tobacco Pipes lot

Here is an assortment of 10 mostly Canadian style estate tobacco pipes with the long shanks. They all need a professional cleaning inside and out after years of use. No cracks and all have tight snug stems. All show minor chips and pitting. You will get:

1) No manufacturer label, just "Burl Briar" in script

2) No stampings except ITALY on stem

3) Sportsman (narrow bowl)

4) Drury Lane

5) Suffolk (not a Canadian but has a short stem)

6) Chateau Bruyere

7) Biltmore Blue Ribbon (really a nice pipe)

8) Digby (more than minor rim damage but not major, will still be quite nice cleaned up)

9) Weber Meerschaum Lined

10) Weber Meerschaum Lined (super nice pipe, extra long, truly a canadian)